NRI Parents care takers

NRI’s from India who come to United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Denmark or elsewhere always feel a sense of responsibility towards their parents. There is always a feeling of guilt that we have left our parents alone, all by themselves in India. Most NRI’s feel pretty hard to accept the fact that they may not be able to help their parents in their old age as previously expected.

How does one care for aged parents from afar? This is the dilemma with which many NRIs are faced. How does one meet the needs of parents left behind? How do you ensure they get the best care while you’re miles away? Here’s a look at the scenario, what aging parents need and some solutions. What NRI parents in India really need?

Nothing can ever replace the presence of their children besides them at an elderly age. More than anything else, they need loving care. But who has the time? It’s a mad scramble out there. Blame it on rising aspirations, westernization, urbanization, migration, working women and a host of other factors.

Apart from the emotional needs, aged parents need health care, housing and financial security. All these are very much interconnected, and the absence of one can affect the other needs. There are a few other worldly requirements which can be catered from abroad.

    • Health Care: which includes routine checkups, house calls, in house nursing and specialized care where needed.
    • Financial Security: Adequate money to live a decent lifestyle which may not be catered from the monthly fixed pensions that elderly have to rely upon.
    • Companionship: Includes fellow elderly people and other sources of entertainment and engagement on an ongoing basis.

If you have a brother or sister with whom your old parents can live during their retirement, you are very lucky. This might be a good reason for you to not to go. Most of the following arguments are for individuals who do not have a sibling to take care of their aging parents.

Taking care of our elderly parents is one of the most important social as well as personal obligations that most of us are committed to. With a host professional agencies undertaking services for a reasonable price the NRIs now have the chance to ensure the best quality care for their parents.

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