Replacement Policy

1) If there are minor issues which can be Resolved, we provide counseling and arbitration before a decision is made for replacement IF Any such..

2) Replacement shall be considered only after  7 (Seven) working days of date of joining of domestic Support.

3) If the domestic support worker doesn’t work out and when you have placed request for a replacement we shall take maximum of 10 (Ten) working  days from the date of replacement request i.e., Date of maid or domestic Support

leaving the place of work. Factors considering such as to match the salary bracket and also your previous parameters you choose while hiring domestic help.

4) We try our best to provide you the domestic support within the helps previous salary bracket but we cannot guarantee that.

5) We provide one free replacement within the first 60 (sixty)  days from the date of joining of the domestic help.

6) Client cannot Detain the maid support  to be replaced against her wishes until we replace with new one.which is illegal to keep the maid against her wishes and we shall not be liable for an eventuality in the interim.

7) Salary to be paid to the maid support for number of days she worked  in case of replacement.

8) Any request after completion of 60 days will be considered as new request client as to pay placement Charges.